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1. Israel island

Israel Island presents a comprehensive Israeli experience featuring: Seminar Hakibbutzim College, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat, Caesarea, the holy places of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religions, a fully communal Israeli village and much more.

2. Aljon Christian Community

Come and Fellowship on Wednesday mornings 11:00 am SLT as we discuss the various aspects of what abundant life really mean. You can IM me Justus Aljon for more information.

3. PlantPet Warehouse - Breedable Plants PlantPet Warehouse - Breedable Plants

PlantPets are an easy breedable to raise in SL. No Food is required, simply click their pot to water them from the menu and watch them grow. In 52 days of happy growth, the plantpet produces a seed for you to grow, sell or trade with.

4. Creative & Performing Arts Academy

The academy offers free classes in the arts for all ages.

5. Club Staff University - DJ & Hosting School

DJ & Hosting School. We also train club managers. We sell DJ intros, drops, and business ads to play during sets or on the radio. Private event DJs are also for hire at our location.

1...5 6...10

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