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6. Somnia Somnia

Somnia offers a wide varity of clothing and accessories to suit just about every taste. Including cutesy, casual, daring, delicious and furry friendly. Hand made original and quality designs by Sanura Snowpaw. Be sure to visit the store for your choice of update group – The Somnia Subscriber Group is for updates, news, promotions and more and doesn’t take a group slot. The Somnia V.I.P. Group inclueds all those plus will get special freebies that will only be for group members but it does take a group slot. You can also find Somnia on the Marketplace where you can find all Somnia products. Member of Content Creators Association since November 2009.

7. Moto-Inks Moto-Inks

Moto-Inks is a motorcycle and custom tattoo business including biker furniture.

8. Flutterby Tattoos Flutterby Tattoos

Tattoo's designed for your SecondLife by Gala Caproni. Custom tattoos available.

9. Cutie Creations Cutie Creations*+-*/media/set/?set=a.342878722450524.76536.100001851960318&type=3#./pinkrosey.fang

10. Electric Butterfly Electric Butterfly

Mesh fashions, tattoos and photography. Designs by Wichita Birdsong. Coming Soon: menswear and cosplay.

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