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6. The Loft

The Loft is a contemporary furniture label operated within the Second Life virtual community by Colleen Desmoulins.

7. Mesh Testers Mesh Testers

Mesh Testers is a full mesh store that sells Full Perm items such as shapes, furniture, architecture, and miscellaneous objects that may be appealing to you.

8. lame Furniture lame Furniture

Thanks for checking out lame Specializing in high quality low prim baked mesh furniture and decor. Always get the best prices for the best quality with lame furniture

9. The Rose Theatre The Rose Theatre

Welcome to The Rose Theatre in Second Life. A cultural mecca bringing together art, music and passion within one venue that will tantalise your senses and provide a visual and audible feast for your soul.

10. Laminak Laminak

In business since 2007, we sell, medieval, tudor, gothic, vampire and pirate furniture and homes. Our items are beautiful, and made with our own unique textures. Powered by Xpose engines, we are also Xcite compatible.

1...5 6...10 11...15 16...20 21...25 26...30 31...33

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