#bye-Best You Ever.
second life business card

#bye-Best You Ever has something for everyone! We sell items for today's avatars and have items for the "classic" avatars too. Customers are our number one priority here at #bye-Best You Ever! If you have an issue, we will work with you to make sure it's resolved in a timely manner to the best of our ability.
Here at #bye-Best You Ever we participate in many hunts and events as well as have weekly sales. We offer a 15% group discount while you shop inworld with us.
If there is an issue that we can help you with (some items require small shape adjustments and or alpa cuts for perfect fits) we are always happy to do so!
We also offer a free Garden Wedding with reception area for couples wanting a no-fuss wedding. Stop by and get the details!
Any questions or issues please feel free to contact Rainie Gates (Turainia Resident) via IM or notecard either will work.
Thank you again for considering #bye-Best You Ever!

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