Champion Horses of Second Life
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Champion is not your typical breedable - Our main focus is RACING!
We are the first and the best Race Horse on the Grid!
How does 500K Lindens sound?
Current Events:
Starts in Jan 13, 2019 - Cherry Pop Radio sponsors our Triple Crown Event - 500k !!!!
The Triple Crown consists of 3 amazing races, just like RL: Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont - and the winner's purse for each is 100K ! If you win all three, you are the triple crown winner, you get an additional 200K!!!!
Do you have that competitive spirit? Like the adrenaline rush?
Try Champion Horse Racing!!!!
Champion Horses are breedable, but if that is not your thing, you can just buy the ones you need to race, and once they have aged out, you can buy again. We know breeding is not for everyone.
But you can:
Breed your race horses - Train them, master them, and race them on the track. We have physically scripted these to be as close to RL as SL can get! The rush is amazing.
Breeding your own horses, is challenging, fun, and there is something very special watching a horse you have bred cross the line in first place at a race meet !!
The horses you don't need, you sell and earn some extra lindens.
In that respect, they are a breedable, with some amazing coats, manes, tails, eyes, but that is not our main focus. WE RACE!
If you are not into breedables, we have many terrific breeders - you can just purchase the horse(s) you need !
If you are looking for something challenging and exciting in Second Life, you've found it!
We race many classes and kinds of races five times a week:
Jumping - Steeples / Morgans & Dutchwarmbloods
Endurance / Arabians & Thoroughbreds
Speed / Appaloosas & Quarter Horses
Trotters / American Saddlebred & TN Walkers
Pull / Shires & American Standards
Cross Country - An amazing course / Morgans & Dutchwarmbloods
Dressage Performances / Lipizzan
To become a jockey is now Free! Please feel free to contact our Jockey Instructor, Steph Niki, inworld. She will arrange times with you for your training.
Please visit our Welcome Center to pick up the entire Welcome Package with all the details.
Champion Welcome Center: http://maps. secondlife. com/secondlife/Champion%20Headquarters/73/126/30
Feel Free Anytime ! We ask that you just return them to that area, please.
Also there is lots of information there to get started in all facets of Champion :)
Champion Main Group:
_The World of Champion Horses_
Our group is a warm and caring environment and our members love to share their breeding successes and help out others with answers and helpful hints.
Champion Marketplace Sim: http://maps. secondlife. com/secondlife/Bast/145/131/30
Here you can find some amazing horses by our Breeders to start you on your Champion Experience.
Our Auction: Every Saturday at 10:30am SLT
http://maps. secondlife. com/secondlife/Champion%20Headquarters/196/200/32
But there are others in the secondary markets.
And if you would like to come and see the races??
Here are the Grandstands. We run Monday-Tuesday-Wednesdays starting at 5:30pm SLT, and Sundays at 10am SLT
Our Grandstands - http://maps. secondlife. com/secondlife/Bast/74/127/1301
Please feel free to contact: Nicolyti Resident (Nic), General Manager, if you have any questions or need help with anything.

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