{LD} Lulu's Dream [Zooby's Babies Affiliate]
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Everything you need for your Zooby Baby newborns and toddlers!!!
Lulus Dream is a Baby Boutique opened its doors on Sunday 9th December 2012 and we have never looked back our mission is for babies to be dressed as babies ! Traditional smocking, classic styles and influences from European dressing of children and babies flows through our boutique. A slight obsession with classic pastels and soft muted colours against stark and clean white has made our boutique instantly recognizable.
High quality and high details with affordable prices.
Clothing (Boys, Girls, Newborns, costumes, etc. ).
Shoes, Gym Shoes, Boots, Caps, Berets, Hair Bows, Headband, Mittens, Scarves.
Furniture and Beddings.
Rezzers (Wash, Food, Diapers, Pulls-Up, and accessories).
Make sure you join the Lulus Dream Group too. Come and grab all the free group gifts in the store, get special news and limited gifts.
Visit the store today!
Contact Lucecilla Vansant for questions, suggestions and requests.
We are waiting for you!

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