second life business card

. EscalateD. brings you rigged & unrigged, newer fitted mesh Hairstyles (woman only) the mesh is 100% orginally made - and the Textures are handdrawn by Dolphin Ayres! The permissions of each Hairstyle is mod copy no trans, allthough older versions (Marketplace only) are no mod. The newer Version (new textures) seems to be no mod in your inventory, but they are mod itself, just the scripts inside are no mod. They have different Material presets along with a bump only version to prevent alpha glitches. Newer Styles include StyleHUDs as well. There are often 50% or more on Discounts as well as special minihuds for a few lindens available at the Mainstore. There's also a VIP Group (note the fee to join - this group is not free!) whit that group activated you can get 5% Storecredit on each purchase inworld, you can play Luckyboards and Midnightmanias, and you can get a bunch of free fatpacks (those styles are just for groupmembers, they wont be available for sale to someone else) For more infos check the above state Website, there you can find all infos about support and bloggers along with all new updates and releases. Enjoy your visit at. EscalateD.

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