Gods of Valor
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Welcome to Gods of Valor! While once upon a time, we were a role-play sim, we are no longer. Today, we build structures, furniture, decor and accessories for role-play environments. Were even planning a new line of mesh clothing for your adventures.
Please visit the website to read the blog. I write a lot of things to help sim owners do what they do AND, on the forums, theres a ton of information for role-players. Sims are welcome to use the forums as their own, Ill add your own boards!
Before beginning any of the structures I present to you for your role-play environments, I put a lot of time into researching the history or lore of the genre for which I am building.
The Roman Senate Building, for example, I researched photos from every angle I could, looked up official recreations and real photos of whats left today. From all this, I extrapolated and recreated the wall and floor textures that adorn the interior of the first floor. The structure itself, VERY closely resembles any photo of the Senate building you might find.
While great attention to detail and research into history was done, it is not always possible to make something completely exact to reality here in SL. Prims and physical dimensions will always impact things built here in SL.
The Ludus Spartacus, for example, in the Starz show Spartacus, the ludus is MUCH bigger and grander than what I could realistically provide for a sim here in SL. I needed to curtail how many rooms and how vast it was so that it was playable here in-world.
Thank you again for purchasing one of my creations. I hope youll visit the Gods of Valor website where youll find detailed research forums for history and lore as well as my blog posts with advice on sim design and creation, managing lag and even attracting and keeping active players.
Happy role-play!
Filipa Thespian

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