Ghouls Gone Wild
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Ghouls Gone Wild is Neo-Pagan GCS fantasy combat roleplay sim that pits you against the dark creatures of the Wildwood. With global scoring and Player vs Player, we cater to all skill levels from the fragile fluff bunny newbie to the obsessive monster slayer.
Here you choose your difficulty by where you are. The farther you wander from the house, the tougher it gets. You will battle brutal orcs, trickster pixies, and deadly cunning elves. Want a challenge? Find the hidden entrance to Tir Na Nog (the Faerie Realm), and battle a whole sim of level 18 carnage!
But that's not all! There are themed quests that are refreshingly challenging, with interactive NPCs like you've never seen before. You'll need both brain and brawn to figure them out.

If that's not enough to lure you in, just stop by to say hi! We're a friendly bunch and decidedly drama free. Stop by for a dance around the fire and check out the rental cottages. Oh yes, you can live where you play! Also if you're a merchant, we have free space for your shop.

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