Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar
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The Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar offers.
A great range of rock music from experienced DJs!
We serve a light schedule designed to accommodate busy SL'ers who simply want a break to socialize and rock out!
A wonderful date night environment!
From a first date to a more intimate one, you are welcome to linger in the open fountain courtyard, or take photos and just relax in the lushness of the back garden. Couples dancing is also provided in these outdoor spaces.
A beautiful space to socialize
The Twisted Cork will be voice-enabled except during gigs. We also offer a range of gaming options: Greedy (traditional and hot-tub), Cards Against Humanity, Parcheesi, U-know. Skippo can be provided upon request.
An event or meeting space
We are happy to let our guests use our space for birthdays, weddings, receptions, launch parties, or other occasions.

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