Second Pets
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Second Pets™ makes breedable virtual fishes for the Second Life® grid. Land is required for Second Pets™ fishes.
Second Pets™ fishes swim around in their tank realistically. Visit Second Pets™ in Second Life® to see the fishes.
Second Pets™ introductory Koi are now available in world in the Second Pets™ Store and on the SecondLife® Marketplace!
The first fishes released are in ten different packages each containing one male koi egg and one female koi egg in common colors with common eyes. Fishes with common characteristics can breed fishes with rarer characteristics.
The introductory packages also contain one Second Pets™ Fish Tank including rocks and plants to decorate the tank as you choose.
Also included is Second Pets™ Fish Food to feed the two fishes for 2 weeks after you hatch them.
Everything you need to start your own virtual aquarium is included.

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