Sweet Serenity Estate
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Sweet Serenity Estate
A Japanese Garden

With a Bamboo tea house,

Overlooking the water,



Quietly soothing your inner spirit,

Temples of the soul built

As Spirit houses on the water



Fulling your ancestor's spirit,

Graceful weeping willow, acer,

Cedars and cherry blossom trees,



Displaying natures own sweet spirit.
A quiet Japanese style village with homes, parcels, apartments, and store fronts.
Rentals are cheap, affordable, and low cost. Set during Japan's Edo period with a peaceful garden on one side and the other Kyoto district.
When you rent you get these rights:
Rights to change your media stream
Parcel name -Provided you keep Sweet Serenity Village- <what ever you want>
Access to the Ban and Access lists and the ability to eject.
The availability to use your own house if you so choose, provided it keeps in theme with the village setting (No modern or western style homes please) and said building fits on the parcel.
If you would like to put something out in the village, you may, provided it fits in with the village theme and you ask permission first.
You don't even have to use the house on the ground. If you wish, you can use your prims on your own skybox above.
We do ask that you try and keep your lag down. If you have particle effects or constantly running scrips, try and turn them off when not in use (scripts for water textures and the like are of course exempt).
If you want different textures for your walls or floors, please contact Hikari Vixen and she will do her best to change them for you so you do not have to waste prims.
Accordingly, when you rent, please contact Hikari Vixen or Seiichi Osei as soon as possible so that you can be added into the land group and you can move in as soon as possible.
Thank you for considering a home at Sweet Serenity Estate!

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