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The only source for ARCTIC Tech color shifting mesh clothing, We have women and men mesh clothing and accessories including eyes, heels, skirts, shirts, pants, dresses and even maternity wear that is suitable for all types of occasions, and avatars. Be it a contest, rave club, dance party, or formal event, ARCTIC has you covered. We offer free gifts and weekly sales for everyone so don't hesitate to come visit us and give ARCTIC Tech a try!
-What is ARCTIC Tech, you might ask?
ARCTIC stands for the following:
A: Automated
R: Randomized
C: Color
T: Timed
I: Item
C: Coordination
This means if you wear more then one ARCTIC Tech item they will shift through the color spectrum in sync with each other. You can even pick one of the preset 20 colors for the items to stay on from the transmitter HUD.

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