Underworld Empire Clan/Pack
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Welcome to Underworld Empire Clan! First and foremost, we are very family oriented. We work everyday to make sure we have the necessities to offer you when joining us. We want each member to feel welcomed and appreciated. We try to be there for each other as much as possible. Loyalty plays a big role in our family, as does respect. We are drama-free and intend to stay that way. Any issues you may have are to be directed to your liege. If your liege is unavailable, they are to be taken to the next person in the chain of Royals until your issue has been addressed and you have been consulted. We like to have fun and we enjoy ourselves thoroughly when doing so. Educational Training Boards are offered on the land as learning is vital to your growth in this clan. It is strongly advised for you to be well educated before turning. If you have in fact already been turned, it is still imperative for you to know the basics of Bloodlines as well as Our Clan/Family Guidelines. These guidelines can make you or break you depending on the path you decide to travel while amongst us. It is highly advisable to attend events as you are capable to show respect and support for the clan as we continue our growth through members like you. We are honored that you have chosen to be a part of our ever growing family and are more than pleased to help you along the way. Thank you for taking an interest in our Family. We look forward to you being with us!

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