Hands On Care Maternity Clinic & Birthing Center
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Hands On Care Birthing Center & Maternity Clinic, recently referred to as the best virtual maternity clinic in over 6 articles, is the most realistic and cozy clinic in SL. Our loving staff is made of some of the best medical providers on SL We employ RL doctors and nurses so you know you're getting the most realistic care possible! We know that the care we offer is confidential, personal, charming, and absolutely comforting. Were not just an SL clinic; we are so much more than that. We are a family of real-life medical professionals who came together to create this incredible sim, which is marked by its incredible atmosphere. It's a hidden paradise right in the middle of nature where your young ones can play together, parents can relax side by side, and our Sim's local birds warble along to the shining of a new life. No matter who you are; whether you are a newbie, a vampire, a teen, or a furry, our team of RL clinicians will welcome you into our family and use our lifetime of skills to ensure that you, your partner, and your baby have the most unforgettable experience.
- When the package arrives, please send a notecard to: WilliamOwens and start setting up your weekly appointments!
- Our staff is trained to work with any HUD in SL.
- Worried about missing an appointment? No worries! All appointments can be rescheduled.
- Due to our international staff, we are able to work around any time zone!.
We are more than happy to show you how complete our Packages are; each one includes::
1) Pregnancy Shapes
2) Maternity Wear (more than 10 outfits)
3) Pregnancy Animations
4) Parents' Animation HUD (to interact with the baby)
5) Quality Family Pictures (during and after the pregnancy)
6) Ultrasound Picture Book.
7) Yoga Wear (for both parents)
8) Gowns and Custom Clothes (for both parents)
9) Lamaze Certificate
10) Pregnancy Gestures
11) Baby Toys
12) Gift for Parents
13) Mommy-to-Be Card
14) Obstetric Exams
15) Prenatal Ultrasound/Sonogram
16) Lamaze Classes
17) Yoga Classes
18) Choice of Delivery (Natural, Water Birth, or Lake Birth. )
19) Immediate Skin-to-Skin Contact (Recovery-Suit)
20) Newborn Check-Up.
21) Client Certificate.
22) Massage
-We also just recently introduced our private Baby Showers!
Hands On Care is not just one of the most experienced clinics on SL where real life doctors and nurses take care of your every need. We are a family. So come join us at Hands On Care, the place where we help you experience the joy of life every day.

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