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The best streaming quality, first and best price SL will confer.
What self and dj?
The main function of AutoDJ is to make your radio is never off the air, even when no aovivo announcers broadcasting.
The AutoDJ allows you to send songs to our server through a control panel you send the mp3 songs and also enables or disables AutoDJ, making the songs remain playing.
A practical example: Assuming your radio announcers have and work only of the 08hs 22hs theoretically from 22:01 to 07:59 off your radio would be the correct air? But, with AutoDJ when you finish transmitting the 22h you will in control panel and activates the AutoDJ with one click to place it into the 22:01 to 07:59 and your radio will not stay off the air.
What is shoutcast?
is a multiplatform system for transmitting audio over IP (audio streaming), created by Nullsoft. Uses MP3 or AAC for audio encoding and HTTP protocol (or multicast) transmission. The client and server software are available for Windows, FreeBSD, GNU /Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris.
What is streaming?
is the technology that allows the transmission of multimedia information through packages using computer networks, particularly the Internet. When the network connection is broadband, the speed of information transmission is high, giving the feeling that the audio and video are transmitted in real time. It makes use of the IP multicast technology for the transmission of data from one point to multiple other points of reception (one for N). Currently, FM and AM radios and TV's as well as several companies that conduct events, use this technology to digitally interact with their listeners and customers. The first digital broadcast using SHOUTcast streaming technology based on compressed MP3 at 128kbps (CD quality), however, as the Internet was not yet able to support high -speed transmissions, the project was shelved.
As I pass my streaming?
Live stream is much simpler than it looks, with its radio ever created, you just need a program to broadcast its programming, we recommend Winamp and the DSP plugin or virtual dj, you can download them through the links below:

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