Elements Club
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Elements is a different kind of club.
We're not huge, with flashing lights, the same old music and dozens of avatars standing around dancing and not saying anything.
We're a cozy, family run sim where people can just hang out and be themselves. Whether you want to just get away from laggy large clubs that play the same styles of music all the time, or just hang out and play some table games or gaming machines. Elements @ Caitlins Cove is the place for you. We dont have any stringent rules about what you cant do, you can just be yourself.
We have rental houses, a shopping mall, Greed or No Greed arena, table games and a handful of gaming machines, as well as an ice rink for you to enjoy with friends or alone.
We're always on the hunt for new talent so if you fancy yourself as a DJ or host/ess, get in touch and let's talk!
Come on over to Caitlins Cove and see for yourself!

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