Top Spin Productions
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Top Spin offers, regardless of listener size, the same high quality stream access to DJ's and Live musicians alike.
Up to 192kbps
Administrator access to the stream.
Reliable & fast server connection
24/7 Monitoring of streams with 5 minute response to downtime.
Upgradeable. If you need a better product, for 1 day or forever, just file a ticket with help-desk.
There are 3 sizes of stream on offer by Vendor.
50 Users - 249L/month
100 Users - 499L/month
250 Users - 999L/month
If you would like your very own Top Spin Vendor, giving you 20% of all sales and renewals, then IM TopSpinProductions or download the vendor from Marketplace.
We also offer a help-desk, available nearly 24/7. Helpdesk is available via:
- IM, even if offline your IM will be copied to our helpdesk
- Browse to our dedicated helpdesk site
- Email
- Check in the Top Spin group to see if there's any support staff around

Bespoke "Vanity" Stream addresses
Have you ever wanted to see your stream name as http://MyAvatarName:8000 or maybe as http://MyClubName:8010? If so then we can provide you with a solution for a stream for your club and a vendor to sell your own named streams for a setup cost. You still receive the vendor and the commission like a standard vendor but we'll ensure your vendor sells your stream name.
Bespoke packages start at $5, 000L (Paid annually).
Please contact support@topspinsl. com for further information or IM TopSpinProductions Resident.

Second Life address:
Kouhun (242,168,55)

- Entertainment / Music
- Services / Music

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