CND Essentials
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CND was formed in May of 2010. It is a combination lounge and store. In commemoration of joining the Second Life Market Place, we have renamed the store CND Essentials. We, at CND Essentials, believe everyone is entitled to enjoy low prim goods and furnishings, without sacrificing quality. We also believe they should be available at reasonable prices. Therefore, low prims and high quality are our goals. Selling at reasonable prices is our mantra.
At CND Essentials, we want you to enjoy what we have created. We want you to be happy with the price you have paid for it.

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This is an extremely easy ...

by CW Washborne, October 15th, 2013

This is an extremely easy to navigate shopping location that has simplicity of use for it's Second Life visitors as it's strong point. The store is dedicated to providing important items that will help with setting up a new home in Second Life.

The customer service area is located in the ...

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