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Picture This Studios sponsors some of the most elite photoshoots in Secondlife. We cater to every variety of person and creature. Furries, Lycans & more. We have a variety of scenescapes -- Gothica, the gothic and alternative based scenescape, and Palm Hollows, a quiet arabesque villa with landscapes abundant. We do everything from graphics, signs and menus to boudoir shoots, profile shoots, item pictures, and other elite graphics. Our artist gets items done quickly and efficiently, and at very low cost!!

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This place is specialized in ...

by Nicky Hausner, March 11th, 2014

This place is specialized in static animations and poses for models, photographers and role play lovers. There are three complete floors to check where you can find solo, couples and many group poses that you can use for family portraits, portfolios or modeling jobs. Poses and animations are very important in Second Life. Good poses add that special touch in your photos and makes the scene and avatars look even more realistic. There is a wide range of animations and poses to satisfy all photographers, models and bloggers needs. You can find from static modeling poses for men and women to cute group family poses.

There are platforms where you can try every pose before buying it and there is a subscribe board near the entrance. There are special group gifts every month for the entire group and subscribe members. You can get interesting new poses to try with your love or friends at a very affordable price.

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