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Low prim creations for garden, beach and home are my passion, and I like to share high quality products with interesting features at moderate prices
Over 150 plants for your landscaping, several including built in menus with realistic animations for singles, friends and couples.
Visit the different skyboxes for each season, from spring, tropical beach to autumn and winter scenery
At my land you will always find several hunts with nice newly created gifts, a Lucky chair, gift and dollarbie items.
Perfect for Linden home owners and all those who want excellent products with low prim count. Customer service is my priority, enjoy your visit and feel free to ask if you need any support.

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Lush, flower strewn meadows leading ...

by Kay Holmeforth, September 27th, 2013

Lush, flower strewn meadows leading to a tropical shoreline. A picnic set laid out beneath the drooping branches of an ancient weeping willow. Gazebos and trellises dripping with roses and vines. Rosengarten is as close to the dictionary definition of tranquility as can be found in Second Life. Although it only ...

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