W.E.X.R. Exotic Xpressions Radio
second life business card

DJ Mr. Velvet Voice. SL start date: 9-19-2008
Emoting skills: Average but I let the ladies judge on that! Have premium skins.
Gridwide sets at following venues: Club Rascals, Shade of Darkness, DNG Escorts and Club, Club Body Talk, Club Gemini, Club Marcu, Erotic Temptations, Naughty Vixens, DNG Escorts, Bizzle Hotties, Las Vegas Night Club, Oktobermoon, Night Moods, Enclave Exotic Xpressions, Club East Coast, Xpressions Gentlemens Club. DJ @ club XCcsS, Eternal Desires, Dark Desires, Virgilís Music Cafe, G C Radio, Exotic Xpressions Radio WEXR 175. 5, Club Exotics Knights, Club Another Level, FranÁois club ballroom, Mirage Lounge, Duce of Space The Meat Market, House of the rising sun, The District, Next Level Jazz club, Delorisís smooth Jazz & Blues, Pekashee smooth Jazz lounge, club Barrack, Club Larsson, The Road nightís, Katís House, Wyld n Wicked, Xpressions Radio WEXR 175. 5, WSGM 107. 5 The secret garden of music (B S R) Black Soul Rhythms, Twisted Miz, Blood Lust, Medusas Temple, Club Krave, Naughty R Us, Devels Play Ground, La Jazz Affair, Eternal Desires, 5 Boros, Pioints Key Club, Gold Rush, Deja Blue, Partners in Crime, AXC club, Club Carajo Tuerca, Club Caribbean Dream, Urban Legends Night Club & Kittens Bad Cats Club. Just to name a few.
Love to spinning for people and make them happy. I mainly focus on my music and the stations I work for and my Own! My main focus is now DJing and MCing Events. I currently have my own station as well as DJing as staff on other stations. I have a love for entertaining my audience with throughly and make them happy. Former male dancer for clubs, but now only doing private parties and bachorlette parties.
Genres I play called World Music, Which on a mixture of: Jazz, fusion Jazz, funk Jazz, tech-no, rock, classic rock, Gothic rock, punk rock, Trip Rock, Easy listening, Booty Bass, R&, Classic R&, Big Band, Roaring 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s and up, Hip Hop, Trip hop, Funk, Rap, Gospel, Trance, Disco, House, Funky House, Dirty House, Old school, Funk, Pop, top 40, Reggae, Reggae-ton, Latin, Neo-Soul, Oldies, Urban, Tribal, Indie, Industrial, PSY, Garage, Grime, Fidget, DNB, Dub, Dub step, Basement, What ever the crowd wants I play and mix!
Specializing in Slow Jams and Doo Whoop and the Quiet Fire
Software: Sams, VDJ, WinAmp and MixMiester

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