Boucher's Stores
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The chain of stores are involved in the selling of men and females clothes and fashion accessories, quality shapes for avatars, and a lifestyle for the sophisticated.
Boucher's Stores has the latest mesh and prim fashion for women; this includes dresses, skirts, pants, shoes, boots, eye glasses by designer ARIS ARIS.
Both floors have mesh men clothing by the famous Klam Design company.
The store has a beautiful beach front and visitor are encouraged to enjoy chill and relax.
Remember to join the group Boucher's Stores to get full updates on giveaways and new products at the stores and if you are music incline also join the club Pebbles group for event updates

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Boucher's Stores are a chain ...

by jpetrov Resident, October 10th, 2013

Boucher's Stores are a chain company providing clothes, fashion accessories and avatar shapes for the residents of Second Life. It provides products for both male and female avatars. It is often a lot harder for men to find a good clothes shop than it is for women, for there are far ...

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