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This review has been posted by Archetypus Deed, owner of Archetypus Designs:

I run Archetypus Designs, an eclectic business offering services in design, build, scripting as well as general merchandise such as clothing and jewelry.

I have used several of the SLBiz2Life services in the past, all with good results. Of course the free listing in the business directory is great.

But I also use the Guaranteed Visitors program regularly. It brings in real people into my store that have to walk around and not just stand there raising traffic count.

I have also installed the AdFusion boards in my store to generate some income to add to my advertising funding balance. All in all a great company!

This customer has joined SLBiz2Life and uses second life advertising services since September, 2009.
Testimonial posted on October 15th, 2009.

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