Building Desires Corporation
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Welcome to Alpha Virtual Learning Center – Building Desires! Thank you for visiting us, we look forward to servicing your SL needs! We are a Virtual Learning Center, that offers learning tutorials to help your every day SL needs. Also our business side of SL is Building Desires, our specialty is “You Desire it, We build it!”
Under our umbrella of what we do in SL:
Alpha Virtual Learning Center (AVLC), Founded in 2010 by Nzingha Dreddmor and Diatoma Clairty, as Angola University, AVLC was the first urban school on SL that taught building. As well we offered Language courses and RL Grant writing information for Non-profit Organizations. AVLC, taught beginning building skills, that grew many to start their own SL businesses. Our doors are reopening! We will offer the same classes as before, with a much more professional structure. As well we are opening our doors to the children avatars! We will have daily school that will offer to help our children with RL tutoring, mentoring, and SL building skills. Please contact Diatoma Clarity and Nzingha Dreddmor for more information and watch our site for our grand opening information.
Building Desires, Founded by Diatoma Clarity, Our motto is; “You Desire it, We Build it”. In SL your imagination can sore beyond limits! Well we desires to create you dreams! Custom builds are accepted please visit our Building Desires page for Terms and Conditions. Contact Diatoma Clairty for more information.
Le Desires Cafe, upscale family oriented restaurant, designed to give you a warm feeling of peace and serenity. Nestled on our corner sim under waterfalls and surrounded by beautiful sounds and waters, this full scale roll play diner is equip to service your SL dinning needs. Contact Diatoma Clarity for more information and special reservations.
Desires Museum, throughout the year we host special cultural events from around the world! Filled with a wealth of information, Desires Museum have much to see and learn. Feel free to IM Nzingha Dreddmor or Diatoma Clarity if you would like to show case your work in the museum, we are always looking for new and exciting exhibitions.
We would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We always have something exciting and new to share with you! Visit us to see what shows, and programs we are having. Also visit us on Face book
Again, we appreciate your patronage!
Building Desires was born out of the visions, of Diatoma Clarity and Nzingha Dreddmor. We started as Angola University in 2010, where we taught basic building skills for SL.
One of the first urban based schools on the SL grid, we grew to love it and seen the massive opportunities that the virtual worlds had to offer. Being RL business owners and entrepreneurs, we grew to admire SL as a marketing tool to connect with the rest of the world around us.
Building Desires was formed from the love of building! the name states our mission, we build desires! In SL, there are no limitation to our visions, we pride ourselves on creating what God has place on our paths, to accomplish.
Our mission is to share our visions and dreams with the world! to connect with others all over the world. To teach, learn discover, and explore what RL and SL has to offer. We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and love to share it with others!
Our visions is to network with others countries, cultures, and organizations. To bring the RL to the SL, after all we are our avatars! Who we are in-world we are the same outside of our computers, so lets build a better world that helps to take our RL communities to a higher level of learning and networking, using SL and other OS grids as a tool.
Our goals is to build a network of business owners, designers, creators, scriptors, etc., that help one another in a a team effort to be independent.

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