Skye Largo Rentals
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Skye Largo offers three types of skyboxes; Tiki Bungalow, Tropical Haven, and Tiki Dream SkyIsland. Pricing ranges from L$200 to L$500 per week.
All skyboxes are located above water parcels, but offers skybox privacy in a low lag environment. Units are fully furnished. The bungalows and havens are located on individual sky platforms. The sky islands have a beach and beach house.

Skyeridge Parkway is a sim dedicated to the beauty and peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains of the American eastern seaboard. We offer quaint and luxurious mountain villas and cabins for rent. We offer wedding packages consisting of wedding chapel and use of sim facilities, along with cabin villa stays.
Pricing ranges from L$135 to L$175 per day, with 20% discount for weekly rentals.
The entire sim is connected with the Skyeridge Parkway that has wonderful views and is a challenge for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Sorry, no cars allowed.
The Skyeridge Village has shops for SL vendors, plus the Dirty Dancing Pavilion, dedicated to the famous movie which was filmed in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
We also offer horse and hiking trails throughout the sim. Visit our stable for free temp rezz horses to travel and explore, or bring your own horses to ride.
We also offer hang gliding from way atop Blowing Rock peak. A free temp rezzer is there for your own personal hanggliding adventure.
Take a ride on our two-seater paddleboats in Lake Charlotte using the free paddleboat rezzer at the end of the dock.
Enjoy snow the year round at our ice skating skyplatform. Free skates available.

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Skye Largo Rentals is a ...

by Alove0316 Resident, February 17th, 2013

Skye Largo Rentals is a wonderful place to live. One would definitely enjoy living here because not only these rentals are affordable but they're also spacious, cozy, and simply beautiful homes. People living here can also expect to enjoy other features such as a large pool open to the public, plenty ...

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Skye Largo Rental's is one ...

by LeviathanPrim Resident, February 07th, 2013

Skye Largo Rental's is one of the most beautiful skybox rental Sims I have ever been on. One of the reasons I say that is they have every skybox's atmosphere perfect with the textures Skye Largo owners have chosen. I went to a few plots and they all have very good ...

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People keep wondering around in ...

by CandyBarker Resident, January 30th, 2013

People keep wondering around in Second Life in search of a home, which would make your dreams come true. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find such a perfect place. Skye Largo Rentals has solution to your problems. Skye Largo Rentals is a well known agency which has a wide variety ...

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