Misfit Island Renters
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Inexpensive Shop and Stall Rentals!
We give bonus time for 4wks rent and we give free week if you refer others to rent from us! come by and check us out!!

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Misfit Island Renters provides 12 ...

by Gedena Viper, January 13th, 2013

Misfit Island Renters provides 12 shops all around the mall. Each parcel is 25 primitives for only 50 Lindens $ a week. The shops are based on a series of 'town house' styled buildings. There a two blocs. Each store is very welcoming and open. You have always thought about starting ...

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Misfit Island Renters is a ...

by ZoeyPenelope Resident, January 02nd, 2013

Misfit Island Renters is a place that you can rent a place for your store. I was extremely impressed by these stores and would grab one in a heartbeat if I currently had something to sell. The shops are very cute and stylish. They look like city buildings with brick. When ...

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