Mr. Milk and Honey
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You may ask why such a odd name. The answer simple. It defines his act. It is quirky, random and comical. He has two years experience DJ'ing in Second Life and a can tailor his act from rated General to Adult depending on the venue.
He considers himself an entertainer rather than a DJ. Anyone can buy a stream, some software, and a microphone and be a DJ. Milk and Honey uses these tools to engage and entertain a crowd. It's a step above what most can offer
Milk and Honey play's anything from Aj Jolson to Slayer. He's never heard a song he didn't like. For him, the music is only part the the experience. The other part is personality behind the voice. He can balance them both out very well. He has over 10, 000 songs in his library. All high quality recordings and has quick access to any music he may not have to handle requests.
Milk and Honey has a licensed version SAM Broadcaster on a 128 kps/100 user shoutcast stream. For voice he uses a Shure SM7B Microphone.
Milk and Honey can also take callers through Skype and pipe them LIVE on air. The audience can request/dedicate a song, shoot the breeze, or seek advice ON AIR with DJ Milk and Honey.
Milk and Honey also broadcasts LIVE REAL LIFE VIDEO of himself while he DJs. This provides the audience a true interactive experience and makes for a more personalized experience.
Milk and Honey also is a DJ on Bridge Radio and, depending on show time, can simulcast from your club providing additional draw and promotion for the venue.
Milk and Honey has 1200+/- member fan club though that does not assure a large draw in the fickle word of SL.
Milk and Honey prefers to do Adult shows but can adjust to Moderate or General rated clubs.
Can be found on his main profile page or facebook:
Milk and Honey produces his own podcast talk shows. They can be listened to here:
As a general rule: Mon - Sun 6PM - 12PM SLT (ish) but with sufficient notice most times can be made to work.

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Mr. Milk and Honey land is a location in Second Life that sells clothing and advertises events. DJ Milk and Honey goes to many different clubs to host events. Some of those clubs include The Venue, Club Acetylene, and more. He is a very popular DJ in Second Life. There is ...

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by fadi3 Resident, March 25th, 2013

Milk and Honey is an odd name, but that odd name fits perfectly into the personality of a DJ who is quirky, random, and comical. Milk and Honey has a two year experience in blending and mixing recorded music with his own unique and special way, a way that attracts people ...

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Mr. Milk and Honey is ...

by Jennie Darkrose, January 07th, 2013

Mr. Milk and Honey is a business that offers a entertainer for hire. When you first teleport in to the business there is a pop up that gives you the option to either join the group, get a landmark, or take a notecard with information. The note card it gives you ...

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