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We are not only a club, we are a SIM. I promise to provide you with many events. I want to give you Lindens as well. I was once new to Secondlife. I remember the joy 15 Lindens would bring to me. I will try to help as many as I can through our interactive events and social contests/games.
There are store rental areas, lovers retreats, skybox homes, auction/dating boards, multiple dance balls with quality animations, scenic areas, and yes. even a bowling alley with SL's best bowling lanes.
Our mission is to create smiles. We believe it is contagous and a better SL expierence for all of our patrons. We are ALL family after all. Have fun !!!!

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This island is the place ...

by JohnGeorgeCooper Resident, November 20th, 2012

This island is the place to relax and enjoy your time on Second Life. But that isn't all, you can also come here to get out of the erotic business in Second Life. In this sim it is forbidden to look for erotic things. This is really a great value from ...

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Several stores in Smiles are ...

by Sol Nagy, October 28th, 2012

Several stores in Smiles are especially fun places to visit, as they're more like entertainment venues than mere retail space. You will find games, crafts, and a nice place to hung out, and even smiley face around this land. And many stores are being created just as you’re reading this article. ...

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The sim is very pretty. ...

by Rain Rappaport, October 24th, 2012

The sim is very pretty. Gardens, shop's, hang out area's, beach areas too. The gardens are beautiful. Could sit there all day with a lover, or by yourself reading, or just relaxing in general. There is a dance ball in the garden if you wish to dance with a special someone. ...

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