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SHIKI launched its first design in spring of 2008 with a small collection of men's casual wear. In 2009, the women's line was launched.
SHIKI launches two major collections a year and participates in Modavia's Fashion Week, Glance Fashion Day, BOSL Fashion Week and AGATA's East Meets West Shows. SHIKI also holds two major fashion shows to launch the new collections.
SHIKI has been featured in numerous magazines and media including Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington and MODA Spotlight on treet. tv. Most receltly Shinichi Mathy was featured on SLTV Japan to a live audience.
Since the launch of the label, SHIKI has become known for its unique and distinctively urban designs with high-quality, hand-drawn details. SHIKI continues to push the envelope in SL fashion.
Shinichi Mathy, owner and creator of SHIKI, was born in Tokyo, Japan. He relocated to Hawaii and lived there for 20 years. He currently resides in Tokyo.
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Shiki provides stylish and sophisticated ...

by jpetrov Resident, September 08th, 2012

Shiki provides stylish and sophisticated urban clothing for men and women. Do you favour a refined and urban look? Shiki clothing offer things for both your summer and winter wardrobe. The store is lined with fantastic items of clothing. You can get everything from dresses to winter boots. There is a ...

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Prepare yourself for an amazing ...

by QueenAbrams Resident, September 06th, 2012

Prepare yourself for an amazing shopping experience. Shiki is a very luxurious male and female clothing experience offering high fashion looks. Since 2008 you can expect a great deal of fashions have come from Shiki and the style is uniquely theirs. There is a VIP Group as well that will keep ...

Wonderful and stunning fashions are ...

by arion Fanbridge, June 26th, 2012

Wonderful and stunning fashions are found around every corner at Shiki's. Their various styles and designs and attention to detail really make this shop's brand of products stand out. This shop has a different style of fashion that stands out all on its own here. Shiki's low prices make looking trendy ...

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Shiki Designs is a very ...

by Sabertooth Silverblade, June 24th, 2012

Shiki Designs is a very nice store with very high quality oufits for both men and women. The moment you walk in on the right is a Moolto Kiosk to pick up fashion magazines. In front of you to the right of the stairs going up to the second floor is ...

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