Domina's Duo Shop - Elegance Boots
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Bold and chic designs for footwear and D/S gear.
You will be noticed in DD's elegant and form fitting boots.
Gain the ultimate control over your sub or slave with our wicked and elegant devices Current catalog includes devices for slave training, puppy play, dog and pony dressage

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This store really stands out ...

by Azeala Mumfuzz, July 20th, 2012

This store really stands out from it's surroundings! It has a dark theme about it, which is somewhat fitting to what the store is about; Dom/Sub play! The red and black color scheme really does make everything stand out, and you can easily tell it's DD from a distance! And the ...

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Domina Duo's Shop - Elegance ...

by paradossale Bellic, July 06th, 2012

Domina Duo's Shop - Elegance Boots is a very special shop. Dominant, Master, Mistress, and not only, they will find it very interesting. Bold designs and chic is the key word. It is a store that wants to put to the person of strong character, who will not go unnoticed, however, ...

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This shop has several highly ...

by arion Fanbridge, June 28th, 2012

This shop has several highly detailed and excellent quality boots as well as many other slave and dominate accessories to choose from This spicy store, brings elegance and fun together all at an affordable price. While there are several things to see here, a few of their highlights will be noted ...

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