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Carmen's a different Place to find very Different Shoe's for a cheap price!
Highly detailed some very unique.

Second Life address:
Mallaki (116,126,32)

- Appearance and Personalities / Clothes

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Splendid in its classic-urban architecture ...

by Imogen Blinker, May 02nd, 2012

Splendid in its classic-urban architecture and with an atmosphere so sophisticated and elegant, an octagonal building hosts Carmen's Shoe's. Although the structure of this construction is literally amazing, arches, columns and a refined setting are only the frame for the thousands of shoes sold here, all of fine workmanship, created by ...

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Where did she get those ...

by FeralSkye Resident, April 28th, 2012

Where did she get those shoes? Have you ever asked that question of yourself? It's very likely you have,because let's be honest,nothing can complete an outfit quite like the right shoes to accentuate it. Perhaps the answer to this question should be Carmens. The reasons are many,including the most important fact, ...

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This store is exactly what ...

by Madlu Resident, March 11th, 2012

This store is exactly what it claims to be: different, simple and elegant. It is a well organized facility, and it isn't hard on the eyes. There are red and white roses around the doorways, redwood floors, and nicely textured grey wall. Its decorations also remind me of vintage, which is ...

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