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Moonlight Shadow is a shop produces tattoos, clothes, and my art works. This shop's owner is Jinny Seesaw. If anything need to be helped, feel free to IM me. I'll do my best to solve the problems.
Otherwise, if you need some kind of help like logo, or graphic design of advertising, you also can contact me to deal in it. We also offer graphic design service.
Service Price :
= Custom Tattoos =
Totemic Tattoo : 300L, half-body
Realistical Illustrate Tattoo : 600L, half-body
The full-body is double price.
= Photography =
~ For Personal ~
Single Photo : 250L
Package of 5 shots : 1000L
Contain the one of Photo with Frame (no script).
Additional Product Price :
Polaroid Photo (with wearable photo) : 250L
Slide Show : 200L
Album Book ( wearable ) : 800L
Online Status/IM Photo : 100L
= Illustration Service =
Cute or Q version Style : $10 ~$20 USD each unit
Vector Style, Water Color Style, and Realistic Style :
About $70 USD ~$200 USD.
Price depends on the efforts and time, case by case.
2 times for modify the illustration when sketching.
If it's under painting,
you can't request for changing the composition.
An illustration need about 1 month to paint.
If you need those services and want to contact me when I'm offline, you can write down the worksheet, and then drag the saved notecard from your inventory onto the mail box in the shop.

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A lovely, delicious land, full ...

by Imogen Blinker, June 01st, 2012

A lovely, delicious land, full of grass, flowers and cute horses that graze, with so many details that make you immediately fall in love with this place, hosts [::Moonlight Shadow::] Tattoo Art & Designer house. The shop is small, placed in a modern building, but, in this case, small does not ...

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Have you ever wanted that ...

by Pedro Artful, March 03rd, 2012

Have you ever wanted that tribal looking tattoo, but never found the right one? OR maybe you'd rather have some oriental art in your house? Either that's the case or not, you should take a look at Moonlight Shadow, because more often than not, you'll find something that catches your attention. ...

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The Moonlight Shadow shop offers ...

by Felix Rasmuson, February 05th, 2012

The Moonlight Shadow shop offers lots of tattoo styles, also very special ones. If you search any decoration for your land, there are also lots of nice gadgets available. An E2L Pay4Surf machine is at place as well. Freebies? No problem - you find lots of vending walls offering freebies. Want ...

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