noBrix Commercial District
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--------- noBrix Commercial District ---------
Second Lifes Best Commercial district is now open for business.
With an eyecatching design and built for perfomance noBrix Commercial District is fast becoming SLs largest, trendiest, most practical growing merchant district which offers the ideal solution for you and cater to your business needs.
noBrix Virtual Services have friendly and decisive management who are available for consultation 24/7 globally to serve your needs.
Small shop = 260 $L weekly 50 prims
Big shop = 525 $ L weekly 100 prims

Second Life address:
noBrix City (192,136,23)

- Commerce / Marketplaces

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NoBrix is not only a ...

by Quarantadue Resident, June 15th, 2012

NoBrix is not only a commercial district: it is a whole futuristic experience. Streets and buildings have a very modern and essential look, and the NoBrix professionals are always friendly and helpful, and available 24/7 for consultation. You can wander in the streets and just feel like you are in a ...

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Located on a large space, ...

by Damy Difference, March 17th, 2012

Located on a large space, this new district shows what Second Life's virtual world can offer at its best. The feeling you will get teleporting in this place, will be that of a living city, with its nice shops and relax areas and even able to transform itself during the night, ...

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