Liz's Independent Marketplace
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Liz's Independent Marketplace is an establised shopping mall selling furniture, clothes, jewellery, music, gadgets, skins and much much more.

Find time to stop and relax in our delightful garden, watch the animals at play, or maybe even take a gondola out into protected Linden water and sail away with your loved one into the sunset.

There is also a fully equipped club where you can dance the night away.

Shops of various sizes available for rent

MetaBiz Reviews of Liz's Independent Marketplace

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Liz's Independent Marketplace is a ...

by Sol Nagy, September 06th, 2012

Liz's Independent Marketplace is a modern, open-air shopping with spacious walkways. One of the highlights of Liz's Independent Marketplace is a European-style shopping center, complete with many decorations and street lamps. The bustling shopping complex has been credited for breathing new life into its surrounding areas. You can easily walk to ...

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Looking for a place to ...

by Sabrina Wildrose, April 06th, 2012

Looking for a place to do some shopping? Just looking for a place to relax? Liz's Independent Marketplace has it all: you can come here to shop everything from furniture, gadgets, clothes and much more. Many quality stores at one sim. Many of these stores offer nice gifts for visitors, check ...

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If you need a verry ...

by crisu magic, February 05th, 2012

If you need a verry nice, low prices and prims furniture this is the place were you should came! Here you will discover a few surprises... great job to the owner off this place! Liked!

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