Perdition's Gate Goth Club
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Unleashed. unbound. HARDCORE. Isnt that what you want? An unencumbered DJ ready to break the rules. and make you beg for more.
We know you dont want to hear the same 6 songs all the other clubs play - come to your Perdition and bear witness to the alchemy of DJs like Chronos Ghost as she plays Industrial Rock/ Electro / Dubstep / Ebm and we are bound to go another hour or two beyond this event and into the wee hours.
Perditions Gate DJs are unleashed to play the best in Goth, EBM, Darkwave, Deathrock, METAL and will grant reasonable song requests that dont suck.
We have dancers for your pleasure, using RLV Strip Jars that rip their clothes off automatically in response to your tips. Yeah - they are at your mercy.
Our hosts entertain and keep the party going - we even have a rare, super-EVIL sploder. How EVIL? The notorious RLV Strip Sploder gives the winner the power to strip other players totally naked with the push of a menu button (with the help of RLV system). Wear your horns for this sploder, you devil! =-)
And of course we have great prizes at each event. We feature an open minded, friendly staff and are Vampire, Lycan and Demon, etc. friendly (neutral ground here, no biting or combat requests) and offer a large open club in dark and demonic decor for your enjoyment with lots of pose balls and toys for you to play and be played with.
The gate is swinging open. dare you enter?

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Perdition's Gate Goth Club has ...

by LeviathanPrim Resident, March 09th, 2013

Perdition's Gate Goth Club has a very nice atmosphere. Perdition's Gate creators did a fantastic job at bringing the Goth feel to this club. What I like the most about this club is that its not just textures and a dance floor. When I walked in right away the sounds and ...

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Perdition's Gate is a dance ...

by Sodaen Resident, October 27th, 2012

Perdition's Gate is a dance club featuring a rich yet dark ambiance. Much of the content revolves around demonic satanism by nature of Pitchforks, Pagan Pentagrams and sinister looking gravestones. All of the objects neatly match the theme of the entire club and all of the people at this club have ...

Fiery torches greet you on ...

by BellaHorton Resident, October 25th, 2012

Fiery torches greet you on the blood-soaked walls as you arrive at Perdition. Glimpsing the dance floor, crackling invitingly in shades of orange, red and yellow, enter and choose one of the easily visible dance balls to start soaking up the great, fast, music. There are five balls to select from, ...

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