A.T.Design Skyboxes™
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A. T. Design Skyboxes™ offers quality design Skyboxes and Houses for your Second Life. We conentrate primarily on closed Skyhomes with Full Privacy such as classy Urban Loft Homes with amazing Panoramic Window Views, but we have also modern Houses available. All in all fully furnished, multi-animated, very modern designed, low on prims and well-priced.
Also available in the Main Store:
- Add-Ons for the Skyhomes
- Furniture
- HQ Animations for Builders
- HQ Textures for Builders
- Great Selection of useful Freebies
- Plants
- Picture Frames
For more Info please visit our Website

MetaBiz Reviews of A.T.Design Skyboxes™

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A. T. Design Skyboxes is ...

by ZoeyPenelope Resident, March 31st, 2013

A. T. Design Skyboxes is a store located in Second Life that specializes in skyboxes and sky homes. As soon as I arrived I noticed the multitude of buildings that this location has to offer. There are also accessories and more offered as well. I was immediately impressed by the overall ...

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A. T. Design Skyboxes offers ...

by Marteena Gloom, March 18th, 2013

A. T. Design Skyboxes offers affordable skyboxes for purchase. There are skyboxes priced as low as L$99. I was enthralled at the wide variety of skybox designs that they offered. From small apartments to whole mansions every design was impressive! Shopping for a skybox is not only fun but convenient. The ...

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