Fabulous Streams
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FabulousStreams was created to provide you with quality streams at a perfect rate for your needs. We are looking forward to keeping your business and interest with us by offering you excellent customer service and Fabulous streams to accomodate all your entertainment needs whether it be Events, Home, Radio. etc.
In addition, we also can provide excellent live DJs for all events and celebrations with a wide variety genres.
All Streams @ $1000L per Month
All Streams Up to 128 kbps
All Streams 500 Listeners

MetaBiz Reviews of Fabulous Streams

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Fabulous! The only word that ...

by QueenAbrams Resident, July 15th, 2012

Fabulous! The only word that can describe Fabulous Streams. If you are a club owner, live singer, or DJ in Second Life this is the place to come and get hooked up with a great stream and some great service. As you enter you are greeted by lots of stream boards ...

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Fabulous Streams is really more ...

by Fenchurch Oh, July 06th, 2012

Fabulous Streams is really more than just about selling streams. Essentially, the shop has all you would need to get started with a DJ career in SL: streams, DJ equipment including HUD's, DJ animations and gestures, even DJ advertising space The shop is neatly sorted, sports multiple vendors, a "staff online" ...

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