Four Seasons Plaza
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FOUR SEASONS PLAZA Fashion Mall & Jazz Cafe - Features only the highest quality and latest fashions. We host one of the biggest selection of SL fashion designers and the products of some of the best SL designers. Our goal is to create a space where shoppers will be offered a wide range of options about fashion products.

We also run a jazz cafe on plaza roof where we organise regular jazz events with live performers and djs.

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Do you ever find yourself ...

by FeralSkye Resident, May 07th, 2012

Do you ever find yourself wondering if one of your favorite Second Life activities could be made more exciting?Are you someone who loves shopping but often have a problem finding products that are not the usual ordinary items you usually settle for?Wouldn't it be wonderful to discover a place that not ...

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Mall & Jazz Cafe is ...

by JohnGeorgeCooper Resident, April 18th, 2012

Mall & Jazz Cafe is a magnificent place. They have all sort of things right here. This is just a beautiful place for people that love to shop. This is a magnificent designed mall. It has several floors and you can walk here all around for several hours. You can shop ...

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Four Seasons Plaza is a ...

by DeDe Leimes, February 15th, 2012

Four Seasons Plaza is a beautiful place to check out for shopping and/or relaxing. When you first come in you are surrounded by shops and a teleporter. The teleporter takes you to a very nicely decorated Jazz club, a pirate's cove, and to a port. At the Jazz club there is ...

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