Arkad's Products (AP)
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Making and selling products in the following categories:
Home decor and items,
Garden products,
Landscaping items,
Building Components,
Sculptie Maps,
Holiday items.
The following will list the rest of the items already made and being placed on the market as well as the categories which we will expand to:
Clothing and more.
For financial Consultation, Investments and Marketing help or if you have any questions regarding our products or services please dont hesitate to contact us inworld, or via email
Arkad Baxton

MetaBiz Reviews of Arkad's Products (AP)

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Arkad's Products are in a ...

by AmandaMir Resident, April 01st, 2012

Arkad's Products are in a commercial sim, and is a medium sized store, which offers a variety of products made with sculpts most of them. At the entrance of the store Arkad's Products greets us Alicia Smith, a store assistant, from the reception desk who will take care of providing us ...

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My experience with Arkadís Products ...

by REI Myles, March 31st, 2012

My experience with Arkadís Products is worth mentioning. Everything is so easy to find, very convenient and competitive price. There you can find a great variety of items, all of which are tempting. I advise that you let yourself be guided by the colors and forms, since the prices are to ...

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Are you looking for low-prim ...

by Dexterian Galicia, March 15th, 2012

Are you looking for low-prim things to your new house like Banzai Tree, furniture, sculptures? Many of them you can find in sky box store of Arkad's Products. One big store offers you low-prim objects in categories: 3D, Art, Seasonal, Jewelry, Home. Over 900 products to choose from. In 3D category ...

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In this store you will ...

by Bsukmet Stormcrow, March 09th, 2012

In this store you will find a great selection of different sculpted objects for what you need. Sculptie maps of terrain to decorate your land with mountains, rocks and other natural decorations. If you also want to decorate your house you're in luck because there is a beautiful collection of sculpted ...

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