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I build a lot of custom work , I can do all prim building, smal for jewles to large for houses.
My IMs are capped alot, please send me a notecard.
I love building and learning.
On the web u can find me also on http
My friends think my building is 'up to standards'. So If you need a SL Builder dont hesitate to contact me. I like creating an enviroment or blend in.

Slowly geting a grip on schultping

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The place is a small ...

by Alhanna Ysabel, August 13th, 2012

The place is a small closed room, no doors or windows, and shaped like a rectangle. In the first wall will find jewelry at a good price to have the following permissions: modify, no copy and transfer. These jewels have a peculiarity, as the creator makes the features that customers say ...

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LeviMade presents a small variety ...

by Zatasha Zabaleta, August 13th, 2012

LeviMade presents a small variety of great products in their Drugmore location. Lag is low, and one lands inside of the store, rather than outside on a road. This store is partly shared with Swimmie Chaffe, whose eyes are sold under the sign “Over the Rainbow” inside the store. Quality eyes, ...

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When you first arrive in ...

by Kelsey Moonwinder, July 04th, 2012

When you first arrive in this store it is so colorful! There is also a great variety of different things you can get from eyes, to rings, to houses and even more. The items look like they are very high quality. The pictures are all high quality. I really like the ...

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