Pangea Estates Property Services
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Pangea Rentals And Property Servcies offers Residential And Commercial Land for Rent at Reasonable Prices. We have Commercial and Residential Sims along with low cost mainland skybox rentals.
Pangea Rental & Property Services aims to give high quality low lag enviroments in sl so you can live and work in enjoyable and rewarding place.
Check out our small office at the Pangea and visit some of our great lands. Your enjoyment of SL starts with a nice home , let us help you find that place. :)

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At Pangea Estates Property Services, ...

by Mandie Zobovic, June 14th, 2012

At Pangea Estates Property Services, you are welcomed with a Landmark Giver, a group inviter, which is for updates on the rentals. They offers from full sized sims, to cute hideaway skyboxes. Right as you teleport into the Rental Estate, a Welcome Bot, welcomes you and offers you to join the ...

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Offers rentals to those seeking ...

by Shangreloo Kuhn, April 10th, 2012

Offers rentals to those seeking commercial or residential space. Among the properties offered are both mainland properties as well as rentals on private islands depending on your needs and finances. Renting is a good way to have your own place without assuming the responsibility of parcel ownership. Pangea Estates Property Services ...

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The best you can get ...

by Marcussen Bimbogami, April 09th, 2012

The best you can get on second life. It has land of all sizes, and any price, to satisfy both small customers and the more demanding. Coming here, you will have only the embarrassment of the choice. You will be able to choose between various types of Land: Beach Themed, Commercial ...

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