AnnaBelle Fashion
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AnnaBelle Fashion "Dare to Tease"

- Feeling confident to wear head turners?
- Appreciating details?
- Self assured?
- Hopelessly in luv with your AV?
- In need to unite a classy and sexy look?
- Outgoing and flirty?
- Number one on his list?

If at least one of your answers is "yes", you ought to pay a visit to AnnaBelle Fashion.

MetaBiz Reviews of AnnaBelle Fashion

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Summer is coming and soon ...

by Bsukmet Stormcrow, April 29th, 2012

Summer is coming and soon you will need the best sexy clothes. AnnaBelle Fashion is the perfect place to find what you need. In this store you will find the most sexy bikinis, swimsuits, transparent thongs, leather hot pants, dresses, mini-dresses, leggins, tank tops, tube tops, double strapped drape halter and ...

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From time to time, every ...

by Dajmond Resident, April 25th, 2012

From time to time, every female wants to be sexy and hot and wants to attract all the attention and all the interest of every maleīs eyes. That is definitely why AnnaBelle Fashion was made for and you can be sure that this is the best place to satisfy your needs, ...

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"Dare to tease" is the ...

by Imogen Blinker, April 03rd, 2012

"Dare to tease" is the motto of this lovely fashion shop for ladies and I must say it keeps the promise. The place has a joyful atmosphere given by the palms on one side and the big luminous window, with some playful little objects you can sit on and take pic ...

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I'm not a woman but ...

by Smash7D Resident, February 11th, 2012

I'm not a woman but what can i say about that shop its just WOW! Its pretty good,in a corner of a street, looks real and so cool for girls. I hope the creator of that will make one for men.

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