Podex Exchange
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Podex is the officially registered company specialising in exchange of linden dollars. We have been sucessfully operating on inworld market since May 2007.
We do not charge any extra costs for purchase of Linden Dollars.
All personal data including avatar name is safe and used only in order to process orders.
Legality of transactions is verified by RISK API
All credit card data processing is done by international money transfer company DOT PAY.
As well as L$ Podex offers the possibility of buying Mainland parcels without Premium Account.

Reviews of Podex Exchange

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There are many things a ...

by FeralSkye Resident

There are many things a successful business owner in Second Life must consider when looking for services that will enhance their customers shopping experience. Those business owners with a dedication to customer service will often provide peripheral services that anticipate a need. One of those needs a savvy business owner could ...

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What an interesting Sim! This ...

by arion Fanbridge

What an interesting Sim! This place has a very professional business feel to it. All around you information about the services are supplied in an easy to read adboard. A real plus was how many comprehensive languages there are available here. Making exchanging lindens; using their system a lot easier to understand than most. With such diverse languages it tells that this place is experienced with handling lots of customers from all over. Exchanging lindens isnít all this place is good for either. This place also provides the ability to buy animations to give your avatar style.

The way things are set up make it's all really simple and easy to understand. Their kiosks are brightly colored and clearly labeled, as is their board showing the rate of exchange of the lindens. While this store seems to heavily favor exchanging lindens they also offer the ability to buy animations. Simply go upstairs and have a look around at the many animations they have. Animations are the thing to have to give your avatar style and personality.

Be sure to take a look upstairs at their many animations. These animations are perfect for really bringing a scene to life. Whether you are doing a role play scene or simply trying to express what an area is used for. There is an animation upstairs to fit that. The animations are inside the pose ball which makes things even simpler. Without the use of a HUD anyone can simply walk up one of these pose balls and have their avatar do the animated pose. These poses can display a verity of things from emotions such as madness; dances; such as hip-hop. Or even an action such as typing.

There is much to see here as well as this is a great place for advertising. The simplicity of this store really makes the products and services provided here stand out. The atmosphere is a wonderful enhancement. With all the boards around help isn't far away here.

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Are you from Poland or ...

by SL Resident

Are you from Poland or Central Europe? Do you want to vhange real currency into Linden Dollars? You are in best place to do this. Welcome to PODEX EXCHANGE - the first Polish Company which exchange PLN, EUR or other local curriences into L$ and it is Officially Registered by Linden ...

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