Wild & Crazy Coconut, Coconut Isle
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Tropical Paradise with great vendors, 7Seas fishing and a great club to party and meet new friends. Great Shopping and a mini gaming area to just chill and relax. Unique island with a friendly and fun atmosphere and awesome people that work there. Before you leave the party. you will have left having one or more new friends and lindens in your pocket! Everyone is a winner at the Nut!! Once you come visit you'll love it and come back for more.

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At the entrance Wild & ...

by yukoadam Resident, September 16th, 2012

At the entrance Wild & Crazy Coconut we can found rows of shops that provide a wide range of purposes in SL such as clothes, shoes, hair up to the building this location really provide all that is needed. This area is also not just a point to shop that are ...

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This place it's a tropical ...

by Hedson Anthony, July 01st, 2012

This place it's a tropical beach with the best in wares that you avatar needs. Weapons, clothes for women and men, accessories and great variety. You can rent stores at L$ 300 /week using 100 prims and L$ 200/week using 50 prims. Know all corners of the place and have fun ...

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Amazing place and loads of ...

by Pardoe123 Resident, June 22nd, 2012

Amazing place and loads of stuff to keep you entertained all day. I personally rented a little shop at the Wild & Crazy Coconut for a while. The owner is amazing, quick to deal with issues and quick to help you in any way possible. There are some amazing shops here, ...

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