Sun Made Fashions / Male Styles
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We've MOVED to a larger space with more prims and some stores for rent. So PLEASE rent a store and I'll do my best to get some customers to the corner!
A unique shopping experience. Great bargains, dollarbies, new releases, Midnight Mania, Random Money boards, prize chairs, gift certificates.
Some of the highlights we have here are: women's clothing, female skin with heart nipples, dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, hair, hair base, shoes with toes, color and texture changing shoes, toes, boots. Jewelry, custom tattoo's, manicured nails, men's clothing, work boots, UGG boots, trench coat, hoodies, home items, affiliate pack (make 50% of all profits), instant business 50% profit, earn money, franchise, fashion groups, specialty hunts, beach, lounge area, custom orders, beautiful store. We hope you will come in and check everything out and see for yourself what a great store this is.
ATM, VCB L$ EXCHANGE Affiliate Terminal. Store for rent 250L/100prims wkly. Rent a shop. Store rentals. Great traffic.

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Sun Made Fashions is located ...

by CandyBarker Resident, February 13th, 2013

Sun Made Fashions is located at a beautiful location in Second Life. Store is spacious, well decorated and is divided into two floors. Few couches are also present to sit and relax during shopping which makes the store more realistic. Sun Made Fashions has a wide variety of clothes for men ...

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Sun Made Fashions & Male ...

by Imogen Blinker, February 13th, 2013

Sun Made Fashions & Male Styles is an amazing store, placed in an elegant and classy, modern building that offers everything you need for your avatar appearance, both for men and women. A beautiful and little indoor garden is the heart of this cozy shop, where you can sit and relax ...

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This store is amazing! The ...

by Azeala Mumfuzz, April 26th, 2012

This store is amazing! The way it's set up is fluent and easy to browse, and the design of the store is great! There's a lot of windows that overlook the street, which makes the store feel like it belongs with the other nearby buildings, and it makes the overall building ...

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