Splash Aquatics
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Marine, Tropical & Freshwater fish - Fishtanks & Bowls - Plants & Coral - Aquarium & Pond Decor - Backgrounds and Gravel - Bubbles - Household & Garden Aqua-furniture - Fountains - Natural Freshwater Ponds - Aqua-Scaping - Water Wildlife - Ducks, Koi, Frogs, Heron, Terrapins, Swan, Goose, Pelican, PET DUCKLINGS! - Ocean Wildlife (available in Deep Sea) - Humpback Whale, Ride-able and Jumping Dolphins, Octopus, Shark, Ray, Anemones, Urchins, Seashells, Crabs and Lobsters, Multiple marine fish swarm rezzers, Jellyfish Rezzers.

Second Life address:
Gooruembalchi (112,194,70)

- Commerce / Shops / Home and Garden

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This place is a natural ...

by Bsukmet Stormcrow, April 07th, 2012

This place is a natural environment where you can get all kind of water-related products. The catalog of products offered is very diverse and awesome. Here you will find ponds, spray fountains, animated fishes and ducks, alligators, sculpted rocks, forests, underwater caves and much more. There is a new mesh zone ...

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One day I saw an ...

by Dexterian Galicia, March 27th, 2012

One day I saw an underwater structure and beauty place with all kinds of fishes. I'm trying to recreate it in my home. I want aquarium with with fishes and accessories, where I can go? For that question is only one best answer: Splash Aqautics. It's a huge store where you ...

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Looking for fishing games and ...

by arion Fanbridge, February 16th, 2012

Looking for fishing games and fun this sim's got it! With a lovely realistic lake complete with chairs to relax in and wildlife to keep you company as you fish and work for a chance to earn various trophies and rewards. Come by yourself or bring a friend and see who ...

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