Ad Fusion Advertisers Testimonials

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Katheryn Blackadder, "Digital Championship Wrestling Federation" owner, wrote:

We at the Digital Championship Wrestling Federation are very pleased with the SLBiz2Life system.

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Zack Jeruben, "AZ Rentals" owner, wrote:

've been using SLBiz2Life services for a couple of months now and I must say that i'm really astonished by its effectiveness and usability. It really makes me save a lot of time and money. Would recommend it to everybody!

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Mystic Handrick, "Virtual Horizons Employment Agency" owner, wrote:

Slbiz2life has been a great boost for my business. I own VHEA - Virtual Horizons Employment Agency. The Ad Fusion modules give us a little more income as well as exposure to the Grid. I like being able to monitor it from a webpage and being able to make changes accordingly. I recomend their services to all my business friends. Thank you Slbiz2life!

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SGT Bigboots, "Blackheart Tattoo's and Designs" owner, wrote:

This is one of the best business generators i have seen in SL.. I love it.

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