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16. Dolce cleo Italian Styler Dolce cleo Italian Styler

dress, clothes, formal, lucky, letters, casual, bride, shoes, woman, man, uomo, donna, mesh, avatar, gown, skirt, shirt, lingerie, outfit, jacket, suit, coat, astral, fashion, outlet, gifts, gift, midnight, outlet, sales, jewels, shopping, shop, tmp, maitreya, slink, belleza

17. Flair For Events Info Hub Flair For Events Info Hub

Flair For Events (FFE) is a Second Life fashion events management company created in march 2012. FFE is planning fairs, hunts, special sales and advertising groups all related to fashion.

18. SL Advertising SL Advertising

Welcome to SL Advertising, an alternative and extremely effective way to advertise your business in sl. We offer a very unique professional service to give you the maximum visibility for your business in second life.

19. Kerk's Shoutcast Stream Kerk's Shoutcast Stream

Are you DJ or artist looking for stream here? Kerk's Shoutcast Stream offers Shoutcast Stream for Dj's Clubs and Musicians. High Quality, Low Cost Stream. If you are tired from Cheap bad servers and the good server cost you a lot, with us you have them both. cheap and good server in one of the best servers in SL. Welcome to Kerk's Shoutcast Stream. Enjoy music 99. 9% Uptime. Support 24/7

20. MB House of Fashion & Design MB House of Fashion & Design

MB House of fashion & design offers you plenty of Western roleplay fashion for cowgals and guys, native women, men and children and modern style clothing for the whole family at very low prices but extrem quality craftmanship.

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