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Building a brand is more than a product or a logo, it is about your personality, your story and how these elements help to develop a relationship between your brand and your customers.
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Merchandise Branding
Product Styling
Product Photography
Graphic Design
In the meantime, here are a few questions to ponder, there are no right and wrong answers to these questions, they are just designed to help get you thinking.
• Who are my customers?
• What customers do I want to have?
• Who are my competitors?
• What is my competitors’ brand position?
• When people think about my service or product, what are the feelings and associations I want them to have?
• What are the emotional benefits that I can deliver to my customers?
• What kind of personality would I like my brand to have?
Want to hear more? I would love to hear from you please send me an IM or notecard. Save the landmark below and feel free to pop into the Design Vision office anytime. :)

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